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Start Your Own Internet Business! Make money online, quick AND easy!

The current economy is forcing all of us to look for other means of income, and the Internet is a ripe place to look!

How would you like to make money while sitting on the beach in Hawaii, or the Caribbean? You can even manage your web site from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.
You can start your own Internet business with 3 very simple steps.

Get your domain name now Get your domain name. Your name can be anything you want, and when they are as low as $9.99 per year, you can get more than one if you want. Don't wait, though, or someone else might take it.
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Decide what kind of Internet business you want to start. Ecommerce, or informational.

Decide what kind of Internet business you want. There are as many Internet businesses as traditional businesses, but the two most popular are:

  1. Ecommerce: Set up an online shopping cart and sell items. (What can I sell?)
  2. Informational: Provide information for people, either at a price or set up a residual income by providing advertising. (What do I write about?)
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Decide if you want to do it yourself, or hire someone. You can do it all yourself if you want. We have great template options also! For instance:

Do it youself:

Hire someone:

No matter what kind of business you decide on, choose Kool Web Hosting to help you.